The Guidance Programme

Through the Guidance Programme, stu- dents are encouraged to become ethical, caring, and responsible adults with an understanding of the impact of their behavior on not only themselves, but also on others and upon the well-being of their families and the community in which they live.

The Guidance Counselor is responsible for ensuring that the school offers indi- vidual, small and/or whole group work and guidance, on a needs basis, as well as providing career guidance and univer- sity applications guidance.

The Guidance Programme is designed to be both proactive and reactive in nature. Consultation and intervention services are provided by the Guidance Counselor to those individual students or groups of students facing personal, emotional, social or academic difficulties that affect student learning or social interaction in school.

A Guidance Programme is offered to students in Lower School when individ- ual or whole group social issues and/ or behavioral difficulties emerge.

In Grade 6 to Grade 12, Guidance is taught as an additional provision to the academic curriculum by the Homeroom Teachers, supported by the Guidance Counselor. Each Secondary School grade level has a once-a-month session throughout the school year that addresses the needs of the class as a group.

The Guidance Counselor is available for consultation, by any student or parent that feels the need to discuss personal problems or issues. Such consultation is available only by appointment.