Parent Teacher Student Association

The Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA)

The Parent Teacher Student Association is made up of a team of volunteer parents and teachers whose mission is to help create an inclusive well-informed community where all families are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Every parent and teacher is automatically a member of the PTSA. The PTSA is managed by the PTSA Executive Committee which is comprised of elected 8 members – 6 parents and 2 teachers. Parents are elected in December and teachers at the beginning of the school year in August.

PTSA Executive committee meetings take place once a month, usually the first Wednesday of every month at 4:15 pm (please see The Weekly for details).

Mission Statement

We connect. We communicate. We contribute.

ISH Community Principles

The PTA is committed to key ISH community principles:
•    We assume good intent and are non-judgemental.
•    We focus our time on the activities that have the biggest positive impact on the community.
•    We place value on building positive relationships that enable us to support the school mission.
•    We welcome everyone, respect differences and are open to a wide range of viewpoints.
•    We keep everyone informed.


Role of PTSA at ISH

  • Bringing together the school community
  • Organising events and community initiatives
  • Raising funds to support ISH activities
  • Coordinating Room Parents (Primary) and Parent Coordinators (Secondary)
  • The PTA chair represents the interests of the PTA and the ISH community on the School Board of Directors as a full-voting member


PTSA organises events for children and parents to have fun and to raise funds to support activities happening at the school throughout the year. Much time and energy given by our parent and teacher volunteers make these events possible.

The following events are supported or organized by the PTSA:
• International food fair
• Garage sale
• Movie night
• Family fun day
• Coffee mornings for new parents

PTSA Initiatives


Funding Project "One world, many stories"

The PTSA is proud to announce their new funding project “One World, Many Stories”. Over the next 5 years the PTSA will be investing, each year, $1500 in the school library. Already the PTSA is working with Ms Celia, the school librarian, to purchase all the most recent best sellers and a wide selection of great books that make up a school library. Over the next few months we will keep you updated with the purchasing and then the arrival of all this great reading material!

Supporting ISH

If you want to contribute to create a caring and successful community, please get involved! You can come and contribute to school life by:
•    Becoming a volunteer of the PTSA
•    Becoming a Room Parent or Parent coordinator for your child’s class
•    Participating at the forthcoming PTSA events
•    Sharing your knowledge and experiences

More Information

•    In the school’s Weekly newsletter which comes out every Monday
•    Contact a member of the PTSA team
•    Leave a message for us at the office or via email at the address

Useful Information


PTSA Constitution

Welcome Letter to New Parents

Welcome Information Sheet

Room Parent Role