Our academic school year runs from the end of August through June and students are admitted throughout the year.

The ISH admits students from the diplomatic or expatriate non-diplomatic community residing temporarily in Cuba. All students who hold a valid foreign (non-Cuban) passport are eligible for admission.

The ISH places students in the grade level according to their appropriate age, please check the below table for more details.

Age Requirements

Grade Age by August 31st, 2018
Early Years 1-2 2 1/2 years
Early Years 3 4 years
Kindergarten 5 years
Grade 1 6 years
Grade 2 7 years
Grade 3 8 years
Grade 4 9 years
Grade 5 10 years
Grade 6 11 years
Grade 7 12 years
Grade 8 13 years
Grade 9 14 years
Grade 10 15 years
Grade 11 16 years
Grade 12 17 years
Documentation required for Application Process

In order to process a new student application, the following documentation must be presented at the moment of registration: 

• Completed Application Form;

• Photocopy of a valid non-Cuban passport in the student´s name.;

• Photocopy of a valid non-Cuban passport in the name of one or both parents;

• Transcript or other appropriate academic record/report from the student´s previous school (except for students applying to Early Years and/or Kindergarten). Students applying to Grade 4 or above should submit a minimum of 2 years of records.;

• Any and all previous special education evaluations of the student;

Admission Process


  1. Submit the Application Form and required documentation. A non refundable Application Fee of 100USD is required.
  2. Decisions are made provided that there are spaces available at the appropriate grade level, all documentary requirements for admissions are met and the School´s ability to meet the student’s needs.
  3. Decisions are notified to parents via email and they will receive an admission package which includes several documents to be completed.
  4. Accompanying the admission package is a detailed invoice of tuition and fees. The Enrolment Fee is non-refundable and is required once the applicant is accepted in order to secure a space.
  5. Placement Test. All students from Kindergarten and above take an English and Math placement test. The purpose of this test is to provide the school with information about the educational background of the student. Secondary students should also sit a Science test.
  6. An appointment with the relevant Principal is also scheduled.

Tuition Fees

Application Fee

The Application Processing Fee, $ 100.00 USD, is non-refundable and is required at the time of application submission. This fee is to offset the cost associated with the application process and any testing that is required.

Enrollment Fee

The Enrollment Fee, $ 4000.00 USD, is non-refundable and is required at the time of the notification of the offer of the place by the Registrar.  

Annual Capital Development Fee

The Annual Capital Development Fee, $ 400.00 USD, is a non-refundable yearly fee that is required from all students after the first Academic Year in ISH.

Annual Tuition Fees
School Section
Minimum Annual Tuition Fees in USD
Early Years $ 5,195.00
From Kindergarten to Grade 5 $ 12,195.00
Pre-IGCSE (Grades 6 to Grade 8) $ 12,345.00
IGCSE (Grades 9 & 10) $ 13,975.00
ISH & IB Diploma (Grades 11 & 12) $ 14,385.00


Transportation Fee (for those using school transport)

Students are allocated places on school transportation, along the designated routes only, on a first come first served basis. The fee for a roundtrip full year service is $ 850 USD. 

External Examination Fees

These fees are levied to cover the school's costs for external testing and examinations (IGCSE & IB). They are set annually based upon the charges set by external examining agencies. The amount of these fees will be advised to the parents concerned.

For detailed information about tuition fees, contact our Registrar/Office Manager at +53 7 2042540 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Conditions of Payment

Tuition Fees are determined on an annual basis and billed on a term by term basis at monthly pro-rata rates.

All payments should be made to the I.S.H. in the Accounting Office. If special arrangements are required, please contact this office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.