The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the highest authority of the School.

The membership of the Board of Directors shall be representative of both the diplomatic and non-diplomatic members of the international community temporarily resident in Havana.

The Board held meetings once a month.

Members of the Board as August 1st, 2018

Chair: H.E. Mr. Jonas Loven, Swedish Ambassador, Parent Member

Vice Chair: Mr. Menno Valkenburg, Parent Member

H.E. Antonio Alves, Brazilian Ambassador, Parent Member

Ms. Maria Machicado, Head of Mission UNICEF

H.E. Fernando Figueirinhas, Portuguese Ambassador, Parent Member

Ms. Jessica Macor, Parent Member

Mr. Adolfo Santi, Businessman

Ms. Rafia Ali, Educator

Mr. Andrea Gallina, Parent Member

Ms. Katharina Voss, Parent Member

Mr. José Ramón Vázquez, Parent Member

Mr. Michael Lees, Director

Ms. Aleyni Madruga, PTSA Chair, Parent Member (Operations Commitee Member)