The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is s the highest authority of the School.

The membership of the Board of Directors shall be representative of both the diplomatic and non-diplomatic members of the international community temporarily resident in Havana.

The Board held meetings once a month.

Members of the Board as August 1st, 2017

From left to right:

  • Mr. Michael Lees, ISH Director, Ex-oficio Member
  • Chair: Ms. Laura Melo, Head of Mission WFP, Parent Member
  • Vice Chair: Mr. Menno Valkenburg, Parent Member
  • Ms. Katharina Voss, Parent Member
  • H.E. Mr. Lars Jonas Loven, Swedish Ambassador, Parent Member M.s Maria Machicado, Head of UNICEF, Parent Member
  • Ms. Rafia Ali, Educator
  • Ms. Karen Foss, Embassy of Canada Representative, Parent Member
  • Mr. Brendan P. Mullarkey, Embassy of United States Representative, Parent Member
  • Ms. Maria Machicado, Parent Member
  • Mr. Adolfo Atilio Santi, Parent Member
  • Ms. Andrée-Claude Berubé, Parent Member
  • Ms. Jessica Macor, PTA Chair, Parent Member
  • Mr. Andrea Gallina, Parent Member